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Watch Donald Trump’s First TV Ad of General Election

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Donald Trump & Donald Drumpf

A more vigorous Trump purchase is not expected until September. Collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line.

Aiming to make a dent in the support base of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has urged the African-American community, which had steadfastly backed the former in primaries, to join his campaign for a “better future”.

Hillary Clinton dismissed the NY billionaire’s appeal as “so ignorant it’s staggering”. Terrorists and unsafe criminal kept out.

The ad comes a day after Trump expressed “regret” for sometimes choosing the wrong words and causing “pain”.

Eighty-one percent of registered voters who support Republican nominee Donald Trump say that compared to 50 years ago, life has gotten worse for “people like them in America” – however respondents chose to define it.

The ad is set to air in key battleground states, part of a buy totalling $ 4 million.

Trump said in MI that under his plan, parents would be able to “fully deduct the average cost of child-care spending from their taxes”.

Before on Friday, Mr Trump declared that a veteran political operative who led his campaign for the previous three months, Paul Manafort, had stepped down. The hope is that Trump can avoid the missteps that have defined his campaign since the end of the conventions, including a public feud with an American Muslim family whose son was killed while serving in the military in Iraq. It appears evident that the Trump campaign is going with a “Two Americas” theme for their ads, the first being on immigration.

As a candidate, Bill Clinton was dogged in 1992 by questions about his honesty, but voters ultimately viewed him as a better caretaker of the economy, which had stumbled during President George H.W. Bush’s administration. Clinton has already spent $ 61 million on TV advertising, according to NBC News, and she released a new ad on Thursday hitting Trump for not releasing his tax returns.

Trump has a lot of ground to make up in this campaign. The Democratic nominee also enjoys a significant advantage over Trump when it comes to women, all non-white voters, young voters and white voters with a university degree. He was able to do this because of his high name identification and the megaphone he possessed.

The Clinton campaign responded with a almost line-by-line rebuttal of the ad, saying in a statement, “No misleading ad can change the fact that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with the experience and judgment to lead the country”.

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