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Vulnerable GOP senators side with NRA on gun votes

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Gun control bid fails in US Senate after Orlando massacre

Addressing U.S. Senate politicians, Legend continued: “You don’t get to talk “tough on terror” if you’re too afraid of the NRA (National Rifle Association) to do anything about guns”.

The proposals’ gloomy fates underscored the pressure on each party to give little ground on the emotional gun issue going into November’s presidential and congressional elections.

The proposal also includes a “look-back” provision, which would alert the Federal Bureau of Investigation if anyone who has been on the government’s broader Terrorist Screening Database purchases a gun.

“This is one where it ensures that Americans have the due process protections that they need to challenge the finding if they believe it is wrong”, said New Hampshire Sen.

“What we saw last night on the floor of the United States Senate was a shameful display of cowardice”, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on MSNBC.

Durbin says that although Chicago has strict gun laws, many gun crimes in the city can be traced to weapons bought at gun shows in northern Indiana.

Florida Democrats have targeted Republican Sen.

The 49 victims who died made it the largest mass shooting in recent US history, topping the string of such incidents that have punctuated recent years.

Police stormed the club and killed the gunman, 29-year old Omar Mateen, a Muslim American of Afghan descent pledged allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State group during the attack. That let gun control advocates add national security and the specter of terrorism to their arguments for firearms curbs.

“Our colleagues want to make this about gun control when what we should be for making this about is the fight to eliminate the Islamic extremism that is the root cause for what happened in Orlando”, said Republican Senator from Texas John Cornyn.

But the four gun-control measures on Monday lost in largely party-line votes. She said that vote – plus her support for a rival GOP measure – would help move lawmakers toward approving a narrower bipartisan plan, like one being crafted by Sen.

Susan Collins, a moderate Republican senator from ME, was expected to unveil some kind of compromise legislation, but it also seemed unlikely to pass.

And, finally, the Senate voted on Iowa Sen.

“This country is under’s not a plane or an explosive device, it’s an assault weapon”, said Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat who led a 15-hour filibuster last week to draw attention to the effort to restrict guns. The last were enacted in 2007, when the background check system was strengthened after that year’s mass shooting at Virginia Tech.

The Senate is voting Monday on an amendment from Cornyn to allow the government to delay a gun sale to a suspected terrorist for 72 hours, but require court action to block the sale permanently.

People buying firearms from federally licensed gun dealers can now be denied for several reasons, chiefly for serious crimes or mental problems.

The GOP response to Feinstein was an NRA-backed plan by Sen.

Republicans are opposed to those measures – in general, they oppose any effort to limit gun rights, saying they are protected by the US Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Collins’ proposal, however, has not garnered much support on the Democratic side, though she said Monday she had spoken to “dozens” of senators over the weekend. The last such vote was in December after the mass shootings in San Bernardino, California.

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