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Why Good Home Security Measures Add Value to a New Build Home

When it comes to creating home designs that people will love, the livability factor can be as important as the... Read more.

The judge in the Uber versus Google spat is looking for a good book recommendation

Getty Images/Business Insider Google and Uber each need to choose a good book for the judge presiding over their lawsuit,... Read more.


This high-tech football can tell you how good a quarterback you are

Hollis Johnson If you’ve ever wanted an exact measurement on how good your spiral is, or needed proof that you... Read more.


7 things a sleep scientist does to get a good night’s sleep

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Sleep is one of the most fundamental and basic things humans do. Without... Read more.


DONALD TRUMP: “I hate Saddam Hussein but he was damn good at killing terrorists”

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Donald Trump attempted to clarify his remarks on Saddam Hussein a day after... Read more.

How Microsoft is giving its customers ‘a slap in the face, but in a good way’

Shutterstock In the two years since Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the top spot, Microsoft has softened up its position... Read more.

11 reasons why it’s so hard to be a good CEO

Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Picture With all the startups that have popped up in recent years, CEOs have become as common... Read more.


It’s your fault Netflix doesn’t have good social features

Netflix For how much Netflix shows are discussed online and at the metaphorical water cooler, the service doesn’t have a... Read more.