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It’s time to ‘get off the crazy train’: Rep. Jason Chaffetz explains why he’s retiring and joining Fox News

Screenshot via YouTube House Republican Jason Chaffetz. House Republican Jason Chaffetz of Utah, two days away from his unexpected retirement... Read more.

Justin Thomas’ record-setting round at the US Open included a crazy U-shaped putt and a 300-yard approach shot

FOX Sports Justin Thomas sank a crazy putt at the US Open. Justin Thomas has been threatening for a while to... Read more.


Here’s the first ‘Iron Fist’ trailer everyone went crazy for at Comic Con

Forget the teaser, Marvel has unveiled the first trailer for “Iron Fist.” After wrapping up shooting in New York Saturday... Read more.

The Marines are testing this crazy machine gun-wielding death robot

The Marine Corps is actively testing a robotic system outfitted with sensors and cameras that can be armed with an... Read more.

Drake shaving off his beard caused a near social media riot

Drake Shaved His Beard and the Internet is Going Crazy

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In arguably more important news… the Canadian has SHAVED OFF his signature beard! If Drake’s LOL-worthy promos with comedienne Leslie... Read more.

This gadget from Amazon’s new movie is crazy — but something like it could exist sooner than you think

Creative Control Google had just launched its ill-fated Glass headset when Benjamin Dickinson started writing the script for “Creative Control,”... Read more.