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Some activists in Ohio GOP stronghold mixed on Kasich bid

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John Kasich on Saturday delivered his harshest criticism yet of Donald Trump, saying he’s “had it” with the “toxic” nature of Trump’s campaign and suggesting he may not support the businessman should he become the Republican nominee.

“Clearly John Kasich has a better chance of winning OH than I do, and I think if a voter in OH concludes that voting for John Kasich gives us the best chance to stop Donald Trump there, I anticipate that’s what they will do, ” Rubio said“.

Trump, who has harnessed the discontent of white, working class voters angry over global trade deals that cost them jobs, has made his opposition to the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement and proposed 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership a centerpiece of his campaign.

It was not immediately clear why the agents rushed the stage to surround Mr Trump, who appeared to jolt after hearing something coming from the audience behind him.

Mr Cruz said late on Friday that Mr Trump has created “an environment that encourages this sort of nasty discourse”.

“I think we all need to take a step back and ask whether we’re contributing to this”, Rubio said Saturday about the unrest. Rubio says of Obama that “all this damage that he’s done to America is deliberate”.

No delegates went Rubio’s way in Guam’s presidential contest. “And that’s what we’re careening towards”, he said. More than half a dozen polls released in the past week show Rubio trailing Trump among Florida Republicans by as little as 6 percentage points to as much as 23, with the average compiled by showing Rubio trailing by almost 15 percentage points.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has won the District of Columbia’s Republican convention.

But after 24 primary elections and caucuses, Trump remains the front-runner and leads his rivals in the all-important delegate count.

In addition, their rapprochement does not extend to IL, which also holds its presidential primary Tuesday.

A day after chaos erupted at Trump’s Chicago rally, Rubio said he’s concerned that the real-estate magnate is feeding civil unrest, leading the country to “chaos”, and “anarchy”. “Donald Trump as our nominee will shatter and fracture the Republican party“. One delegate was uncommitted.

As CNN reported, Trump in turn blamed Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

Mr Trump received a rock star welcome from thousands of supporters who embrace his message of being tough on immigration, playing hardball with China and others on trade, and rebuilding the military. Here’s the bottom line: “He has said to people, basically, beat up the protesters and beat up the hecklers and I’ll pay your legal bills”.

Sen. Ted Cruz attends Orlando town hall meeting

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