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Indiana GOP announces delegates after leadership receives threats

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GOP officials: Rules changes unlikely before July convention

Republican Bob Spindell is a political convention veteran, “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and we are all looking forward to it”.

Fred Andrews is a lifelong Democrat, who has voted Republican, only once.

Baker said he hopes the Trump campaign formally challenges the credentials of Colorado’s delegates if the Cleveland convention is contested.

Kasich performs most competitively among more moderate voters (who support him 35 percent to Trump’s 54 percent) and college graduates (who back him 32 percent to Trump’s 48 percent). “It’s a deplorable thing”, said Tony Samuel, Trump Indiana campaign vice-chair.

“Donald Trump has been disadvantaged by not having a staff in place that understands the subtleties of the manner delegates come to be designated in the wake of the caucuses and primaries in a number of states, including Iowa”, Leach said.

Don’t count on Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz being Donald Trump’s running mate – even though Trump has not made any such proposal. “I think the people of Colorado did vote, but they were so high, they completely forgot”.

And the real clincher is that the candidates for delegates are not identified on the ballot as supporting any presidential contender – and they’re not bound to the victor of the primary vote, either.

Cruz won 36 delegates in the Wisconsin primary, Donald Trump earned six.

In a brief statement, Trump said as president he would boost California’s economy to its full potential. And veterans of state conventions predict that the Cruz and Trump battle for delegates will still be in full swing at the state party convention on May 20-21 in Duluth. “It just so happens that I unified them against me-but I still unified them”. “I don’t believe myself that the National Republican Convention will go past the second round”.

The Los Angeles Times reports Trump has recently beefed up his campaign staff to help chart the GOP front-runner’s course through these unknown waters.

“I said, ‘Clearly the Lord wanted us to be here, so we’d better do something while we’re here, ‘” Mr. Kasich recalled.

He says he’s got a commitment from two others to also vote for Mr Trump; he’s not printing brochures but trying to publicise their names.

In the first round of voting at the convention, delegates must vote for who their state supported.

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