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Implosion levels tower of Vegas’ Riviera casino

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The Monaco Tower at the Riviera Hotel and Casino crumbles to the ground during a controlled demolition Tuesday

After a fireworks display, crews imploded the Monaco Tower at the shuttered Riviera Hotel Casino.

The implosion early Tuesday of the 24-story Monaco Tower comes 61 years after it opened on the Las Vegas Strip.

The casino, which opened in April of 1955 operated for just over 60 years until it was closed in May of 2015 when the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority purchased the property for $ 182.5 million.

An official says the Riviera’s other tower, the Monte Carlo, will be demolished in August.

It was a backdrop for several famous movies including the original “Ocean’s 11” from 1960 and the 1995 movie “Casino“.

The Riviera’s 15-to 20-seconds-long implosion will mark the latest kiss goodbye to what’s left among the relics to Vegas’ mobster past.

Rossi Ralenkotter, president and chief executive of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, said in a statement.

“Ironically, The Riviera is as famous for its imaginary self as much as its actual self”, said Geoff Schumacher of the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, also known as the Mob Museum, in Las Vegas. The casino’s first headliner was Liberace. Dean Martin was once part-owner.

The plan to create the mixed-use facility and outdoor space for trade shows as well as the expansion and renovation of the convention center will create an estimated 7,000 construction jobs.

Clouds of smoke can be seen following the demolition of the Riviera on Tuesday.. Fireworks preceded the implosion.

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