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Iceland joint-coach Lagerback gets one over mentor Hodgson

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Icelandic soccer fans watch the Euro 2016 round of 16 match between Iceland and England on a large screen in Reykjavik Iceland Monday

It drew a roar from the blue-shirted fans in the Iceland end and after Dele Alli and Harry Kane had fired narrowly over for England, they were screaming with disbelief in the 18th minute.

In the run-up to the tournament, he had plenty of supporters who felt he should continue after France and into the qualifying for Russian Federation 2018.

But Southgate comes with baggage on the global stage – as a player he missed the crucial spot kick against Germany when England last reached the semifinals of a major tournament at Euro 1996.

He failed in the fundamental rule of picking his best team, with his best players in their best positions.

“I spoke before about Rooney playing in midfield”, he said.

Hodgson downplayed the issue of tiredness, but admitted the level of performance against Iceland “shocked us a bit”, leaving England’s squad bruised but with the potential to achieve in the future.

Hallgrimsson and joint coach Lars Lagerback warned, however, that France would be keeping up the pressure until the end.

Lagerback will review what Ireland did to France for 60 minutes in Lyon and he will also note that sloppy defending cost Martin O’Neill’s team badly and gave France all the momentum in the game.

There were some mitigating circumstances like the extra rest time France enjoyed which didn’t help but the main issue was bad defending.

“They were inept, hopeless, with no team pattern”.

A common component of both nations is heart.

Adding that whereas the manager, the climate and the facilities are often blamed for an English exit from a major tournament, Carragher adds that this current team, like the 2010 World Cup squad, were knocked out because they simply weren’t good enough. I’m no longer the England manager, my time has gone, but I was told it was important that I appear here.

I’m not saying you don’t need footballers with great talent.

“Game management” became a hot England topic after a tactically ill-disciplined 2-1 loss to Uruguay under Hodgson saw them eliminated after just two games at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

England, who were due to travel home on Tuesday, have faced fierce criticism from the British media and former players.

The players, he feel, lacked TCUP when they conceded a late goal to Russian Federation, conceding the equalising goal to Iceland and failing to get back in the knock-out game for the remaining 72 minutes. It would be up to them to come to me, because as far as I’m concerned I’m an ex-England manager.

“Roy Hodgson, inevitably, carries the can”. The mind really boggles.

Criticism of the Frenchman is growing among Arsenal’s fan base after 20 years at the London club, and Wenger could be tempted by a first worldwide job, perhaps the final one of his career.

Don’t rule it out. So the hype surrounding the English team is just mystifying.

Or they might reach out again like they did with Fabio Capello for someone like Carlo Ancelotti and watch the English media fillet and then roast him over a high heat.

Maybe Sam Allardyce will finally get his wish.

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