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GOP Prepares to Fight as Trump Gains Steam

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Win Florida with the 44 percent Trump got in that Quinnipiac poll, and you get the 99 delegates. For his rivals, it’s about delegates.

Unlike the general election, presidential primaries are not winner-take-all.

“I’ve disavowed”, Trump said. “I will go through all 50 states before we stop fighting to save the Republican Party from someone like that”.

With 100 percent of the vote reporting on Tuesday, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump sailed to a resounding victory in the state of Alabama, defeating both his chief rivals, Sens. Sen.

As of Wednesday morning, USA TODAY tabulated Trump has 316 total delegates – a little more than one quarter of the total he needs – to Cruz’s 226 delegates, followed by 106 for Rubio.

Donald Trump cemented his status as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination after the Super Tuesday contests, earning a big batch of delegates with wins in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arkansas and in possibly other states.

But Trobiani noted Trump’s wide lead in the GOP race.

“If you want to beat Donald Trump, we’ve got to get to a head-to-head, one-on-one race”, Cruz said.

The question now is not so much whether Mr. Trump will be the Republican Party’s nominee – as the candidate might say it would take a “huuuge” swing in GOP voter attitudes in the next two weeks for that outcome not to be, if not a mathematical certainty, pretty close to one – but what a Trump victory may mean for the party. Marco Rubio with 36 percent of the vote to Rubio’s 32 percent statewide, according to unofficial results.

In the latest Florida poll (Feb. 26) Trump was leading Rubio in his home state of Florida by 20 percentage points.

The rivals of both Trump and Clinton aim to knock them off their pedestals in contests ahead in Michigan, Florida and IL. The conservative senator, who also won the Iowa caucuses last month, remains the only candidate who has beaten Trump so far with those wins.

A total of 1,237 delegates are required to win the Republican nomination. If I told you a year ago that Jeb Bush already would be gone, Marco Rubio would be headed for the door and that Donald Trump would be poised to become the GOP nominee after ignoring every rule in the political playbook, you would have thought I’d been smoking some of Colorado’s finest.

Clinton also picked up wins in Texas, Arkansas and Massachusetts, nabbing her first victory in New England, while Trump carried GOP contests in Arkansas, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Meanwhile, the Democratic race is beginning to shape up like a rout.

“I feel like this would be a missed opportunity not to vote for him”, he said. Same for Kasich, the OH governor, who stands to add 66 delegates if he can win his Buckeye State. “We are not going to allow billionaires and the superPACs to destroy American democracy”.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich failed to claim a Super Tuesday prize. “What I have said is that this campaign is not just about electing a president”. “However, this grassroots movement on behalf of “We the People” will continue”. Sessions told Fox & Friends that the party must “be appealing to working Americans, and right now Trump has a clearer message”.

And time is running out for the panicking Republican establishment to deny Trump the nomination, amid fears that his brand of volatile anti-immigrant rhetoric could cost the party not just the White House, but also the Senate. While she said the former secretary of state may be a safer bet to win in November, Amy Shaunette sided with Sanders due to his vow to tackle income inequality and his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, among other factors.

“What people are saying is, ‘Fight as hard as you can to save the party of [former Presidents] Lincoln and Reagan from a con artist who refuses to criticize the [Ku Klux Klan]”, he added.

Trump, Clinton loom large on Super Tuesday

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